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Singing Enzo Mari The Function of Esthetic Research LP

Focusing on Enzo Mari’s book The Function of Esthetic Research (1970), which has become a rare physical artefact, only accessible to few, this record converts his words into an original musical encounter thanks to specialised computer-aided singing technology.

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In this way Mari’s thinking is brought into public discourse, away from the printed page: ideas are untethered from their original format, unleashed into the world, ready for unsuspecting minds to absorb and make their own. Liberated, open to the public and free of charge, this is your chance to experience Enzo Mari’s work like never before.

So let the wisdom of Mari overcome you, let his words wash over you in sound-waves, recast as ecstatic and mindful music. You’ll find his ideas will linger long after the music has stopped, perhaps one might even settle, its spark might start a fire.